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We strive to promote, in the UK and abroad, greater understanding of and helpful responses to mental health problems, whether caused by mental illness, drug addiction learning disability, deprivation or abuse.

Aims and objectives:

  • to consult with the local and central governments, NGO’s, community leaders and universities in order to assess the need for viability of setting up specific mental health and/or drug rehabilitation or learning disability care projects, based on the principles of the therapeutic community with an emphasis on promoting mutual help and independence.
  • to coordinate and disseminate information about activities of the various Richmond Fellowship organisations (established by the joint founder) and promote awareness about good practice in mental health provisions internationally.
  • to respond to initiatives by local and national stakeholders, in the UK as well as in countries across the world, to assist with setting up care projects for people with specific mental health needs.
  • to help identify available resources, both staff and finance, from local national and international sources.
  • to arrange appropriate training for the staff of each project either within the country’s boarders or in one of the Fellowship’s projects elsewhere.
  • to train future trainers and ensure that RPFI affiliated projects become a model for future work and have the widest sphere of influence.