Board of Trustees:

RPFI has a Board of Trustees who between them possess the expertise and skills relevant to its task.

Trustees of RPFI play a unique role in delivery of our mission. They are collectively responsible for the governance and the strategic direction. They are responsible for setting organisational policy, defining targets, agreeing the financial plan, evaluating performance, and ensuring that strong relationships are maintained between the Trustees and the Executives. The Board is accountable for everything we do, including setting our strategic direction, scrutinising our performance and supporting & empowering our Executive Team.

Executive team:

Coordinator/Acting CEO. 

Admin and Finance manager.

Service manager -Ahmed Hassan.



If you are from a local authority or commissioning body and would like to start working with RPFI, please contact the following:

Mohamed Aw Ali, Coordinator/Acting CEO.

Email: mohamed.awali@rpfi.org

Ahmed Hassan, Service manager.

 Email:  ahmed.hassan@rpfi.org or 02087441330/02087440600